Rev. Hyun-Bo Shim

picture of rev. hyun-bo shim

When I was asked to write a biography, I struggled with this thought, "What can I say about me?" Respectfully, here's how I begin; I praise the Lord God for letting me serve in what I often refer to as "the greatest church on earth" -- Harvey Memorial United Methodist Church.

Here is a brief account of my personal, educational, and pastorate information. I was born in Gong-Ju, Korea in 1968, the third child of the Rev. Jae Jeong Shim and Mrs. Hyun Suk Shim. It was a mono-cultural and mono-racial setting. Then everything changed with my parent's call to ministry in the United States.

I attended Senior High School in Kansas. I did not speak the language, I did not know the culture, and I was given a new status, that of an "alien resident." Feeling a need for change, I seized an opportunity to study abroad in Paris, France. Thus, I experienced the great pleasure of studying at Sorbonne. Coming back from France, I graduated from Kansas State University with a Psychology degree.

Living in these three areas has pressed me to broaden my horizons. Consequently, I possess a good understanding of cultural, socioeconomic, political, and religious issues and a keen sense of justice and loving-kindness for all people. Also, I have learned three languages as the result. Korean is my "native" tongue, English is my "second language," and I can "get by" with French, as I lived in France for a year.