God's Campus

Harvey Church has a unique Christian education program for a church of our size. We have three departments--adults, youth and children.

The adult department offers excellent advanced Bible studies. The youth department offers studies built around science and the Bible, good films and movies that illustrate Biblical truths and discussions centering on contemporary issues affecting youth. The children's department offers a unique Bible program called God's Campus that is based on the idea of a one room country schoolhouse, called "The One Room Sunday School."

A unique feature of our program is that we begin each quarter with a breakfast prepared by the teachers for children, teen-agers, parents, adult students and interested church members.

Our outstanding leaders are:
Pastor Allen, Gail Hulse, Carol Boesch, Alaina Maione, Bonnie Bowden, Hanna Ruscito, Marge Scanlon, Mary Maggs and Donna Samuelson. These teachers form teams that alternate Sunday mornings.