Harvey's Silver Mile

As a FUNd raiser, Harvey Church collected nickels, dimes and quarters to lay down, end-to-end a "mile of silver". To make it more interesting, we formed two teams.  Jets and Giants were chosen - but you might spot a stray Steelers or SeaHawks fan in there.

We kicked off the event by handing out bottles of Gatorade to use for coin collection.  Then on "game day" everyone gathered for a tailgate party after worship and then went to our community park for the mile of silver.

To keep things neat, we used boards with grooves cut in them and standardized on nickels which made it easier to lay end-to-end coins.  The teams started off in opposite directions and the first team to reach the goal line was declared the winner. The true winner of course is God's kingdom, since the funds helped us continue our outreach in the community.

tailgating at its best
Tailgating at its best.

everyone enjoying each others company

sharing good food and conversation

a brief prayer before kickoff
Get Ready, Get Set...

the race is on. lay down those nickels!
And They're Off!

all the nickels go end to end

every coin counts
Don't lose those nickels. Jets!, Jets!, Jets!

the giants are building a lead
Giants are off to a quick lead.